We’re bringing Monolithic home to Monolithic.com

Panorama of inflated Airform built by Monolithic Dome Airform Manufacturing.

Panorama of inflated Airform built by Monolithic Dome Airform Manufacturing for Pabco Gypsum near Las Vegas, Nevada. The 215-foot diameter Monolithic Dome will store 50,000 tons of bulk powder gypsum.

South Industries

Monolithic Constructors, Inc. — or simply, Monolithic — started in 1980 as the first Monolithic Dome builder. Over the years, it expanded into Monolithic Dome Airform manufacturing and equipment manufacturing. Monolithic is the founder and primary sponsor of the Monolithic Dome Institute.

In 1996, our first website went online at Monolithicdome.com. In the late 1990s, we created Monolithic.com. In 2007, we began focusing our efforts on the third iteration of our website and published it to Monolithic.org. We have never been fully satisfied with the results. It became increasingly clear that the site’s focus was fractured and that we needed to separate our commercial work from the educational efforts of the Monolithic Dome Institute.

As of January 2020, the Monolithic Dome Institute became its own entity, operating separately from Monolithic Constructors and Monolithic Dome Airform and equipment manufacturing. We have created two new websites—located at our original URLs:

  • Monolithic.com is the new website for Monolithic Constructors, inc., Monolithic Dome Airform and Equipment Manufacturing, and all our commercial endeavors. As of today, we have only a few new pages, but it will gradually grow to include a gallery of our projects and construction blogs.
  • MonolithicDome.com is the Monolithic Dome Institute’s website. You will find a growing “encyclopedia of domes” and resources for Monolithic Dome builders, architects and designers, do-it-yourselfers and enthusiasts.

We will be leaving Monolithic.org in place as we migrate the content to our two new websites. We expect this process to be a long and careful one.