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Aerial view of the inflated Airform for Ryan Brown in Aubrey, TX.

Creating gothic arches using Airform technology

This dome home features six extended gothic-style augments, and two of those augments are very large. Planning and inflating augments like these is tricky because they require cutting a large hole in the dome, and then connecting to an almost perfectly vertical section of the gothic augment. Further complicating this Airform pattern are the varying shapes and sizes of the four interconnected domes. The main dome is spherical and the attached domes are elliptical—making the saddles between domes highly technical. … read more

Eighteen hurricanes, six tornadoes, and counting…

An estimated five hurricanes — Bonnie, Rita, Humberto, Ike, and Harvey — have hit a carbon storage dome in Port Arthur, Texas. It‘s their standard procedure to store rolling stock inside the dome during hurricanes — saving an average of $50,000 of equipment loss per event. … read more