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Conveyor Equipment Installed.

Easy Winter Construction of O’Toole’s Fertilizer Storage Dome—Step by Step in Pictures

Winter construction on a new fertilizer storage for O’Toole, Inc. in Letts, Iowa, went very smoothly despite the weather. One of the great things about Monolithic Dome construction is that most of the work is done inside and out of the elements. This project highlighted that advantage and is a great example of the most efficient single-component dome storage that can be built.  … read more

Stuccoed the Finish!

The Art of Perfect Stucco on the Brown’s House

This pictorial illustrates the steps we took to give Ryan Brown’s house in Aubrey, Texas, the perfect stucco exterior. The stucco system on Ryan Brown’s Monolithic Dome home will last 10 to 15 years before a top coat will be needed. The top coats are easy and cost-effective to apply and can be done by the homeowner or local paint contractor. … read more

Renovated and Beautiful.

Stonebridge Dome Gets New Metal Cladding

Stonebridge is one of the first Monolithic Dome homes ever built. Constructed in 1980 by dome pioneer Jack Boyt, the home was in desperate need of renovation. In September 2022, I sent my guys to West Des Moines, Iowa, to install metal cladding. … read more

Bonea Dome Home Fully Inflated.

Inflation of the Bonea Family's New Dome Home

On August 24, 2023, we sent Javier Figueroa and his crew to North Carolina to begin construction of a new Monolithic Dome home for the Bonea family. The Boneas have had dome dreams for many years. Ion (pronounced Jon) Bonea told us he first became interested in domes almost 30 years ago after visiting us here at the Monolithic Dome Institute Research Park in Italy, Texas.  … read more

New Metal Cladding on the Roof of the Clark House.

Installing Metal Cladding on an Orion-Style Home

Video Post! —Gary Clark’s Orion-style Monolithic Dome home in Italy, Texas, required a facelift. The Airform that protects the polyurethane foam had deteriorated past the point where a standard coating could suffice. We installed metal cladding to Gary’s house and created this video and blog post to share how we did it.  … read more

Crew Attaches Airform.

Pensacola, Florida Monolithic Dome Home Airform Inflation

Video Post! Watch the inflation of a new Monolithic Dome home going up in Pensacola, Florida. This blog post has video and images covering the job site before we turn the fans on, the inflation of the Airform and inside the Airform after it’s up. You’ll also find details about our inflator fans, manometers, airlocks and the Paxis rotating scaffold system.  … read more

Paula Stone's Dome Home.

Dome Home in Texas Being Built with a Cistern, Special Augments and Smooth Interior Walls

Video Post! This article features a video walkthrough of the dome shell and underground cistern of a new Monolithic Dome home in Fredricksburg, Texas. The house has some unique features, including a rain catchment system and 15 custom augments creating window seats, arched openings and round fixed windows. In addition, the interior shotcrete has been smoothed to an orange peel finish.  … read more

The smooth interior surface of the Brown residence's interconnected domes.

A super smooth shotcrete finish in Aubrey, Texas

Check out this smooth interior shotcrete finish featured in the Brown’s home in Aubrey, Texas. Javier and his crew have gotten really good at smoothing out the interior shotcrete finish on the domes we build! I call it a sponge finish because of the swirly, sandy finish we leave behind. … read more

A Monolithic Dome home with windows and doors set inside extended augments.

How to frame out an extended augment—in pictures!

Learn how to frame out an extended augment in this pictorial how-to. Extended augments are a great way to make openings in Monolithic Dome Structures. They create natural eaves and finish out easily and beautifully. This blog entry aims to cover the fundamental techniques we use every day to frame and to finish out these openings. We hope this will help customers find sub-contractors to bid on and complete work for them as well as empower clients to do it themselves. … read more