We’re bringing Monolithic home to Monolithic.com

Wells Middle School Cafeteria in Catoosa, OK built by Monolithic

Monolithic constructed the Wells Middle School Cafeteria in 2016. The $4.3 million project doubles as the town’s tornado shelter.

Simon Hurst

Monolithic Constructors, Inc. — or simply, Monolithic — started in 1980 as the first Monolithic Dome builder. Over the years, it expanded into Monolithic Dome Airform manufacturing and equipment manufacturing. It is the founder and primary sponsor of the Monolithic Dome Institute.

In 1996, our first website went online at Monolithicdome.com. In the late 1990s, we created Monolithic.com. In 2007, we began focusing our efforts on the third iteration of our website and published it to Monolithic.org. We have never been fully satisfied with the results. It became increasingly clear that the site’s focus was fractured and that we needed to separate our commercial work from the educational efforts of the Monolithic Dome Institute.

As of January 2020, the Monolithic Dome Institute became its own entity, operating separately from Monolithic Constructors and Monolithic Dome Airform and equipment manufacturing. We have created two new websites—located at our original URLs:

  • Monolithic.com is the new website for Monolithic Constructors, inc., Monolithic Dome Airform and Equipment Manufacturing, and all our commercial endeavors. It starts today with this one page and will grow to include a gallery of our projects and construction blogs.
  • MonolithicDome.com is the Monolithic Dome Institute’s website. You will find a growing “encyclopedia of domes” and resources for Monolithic Dome builders, architects and designers, do-it-yourselfers and enthusiasts.

We will be leaving Monolithic.org in place as we migrate the content to our two new websites. We expect this process to be a long and careful one.

We Build Monolithic Domes

Lincoln County ranch store built by Monolithic in 2015

Lincoln County Farm Center store in Chandler, Oklahoma. Monolithic built the first Monolithic Dome fertilizer storage here 40 years ago in 1978. This ranch store was constructed by Monolithic in 2015 and offers farming services, garden supplies, home décor, clothing, hardware, and much more.

Tatiana Crandall

The Monolithic Dome is a super-insulated, steel-reinforced concrete thin-shell structure. The first Monolithic Dome was constructed in Shelley, Idaho in 1976 by David B. South and his brothers. There are Monolithic Domes all over the world used for houses, schools, sports facilities, bulk storages, tornado safe rooms, churches, and many more uses. Monolithic Domes are built to last, energy-efficient, green, beautiful, and offer near-absolute protection. Sizes vary from 10-feet (3 m) to 340-feet (100 m) diameter with designs and engineering for larger structures.

In addition to taking on full-scale Monolithic Dome construction projects, we also offer help with any part of the construction process. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • project planning and design
  • engineering
  • manufacturing the Airform
  • constructing foundations
  • overseeing Airform inflations
  • applying polyurethane foam
  • placing rebar
  • window and door buck installation
  • spraying shotcrete
  • interior framing and drywall
  • interior finishing
  • window and door installation

At Monolithic, we also:

  • market, engineer and construct concrete fences and retaining walls
  • repair concrete, brick or wood walls
  • renovate conventional buildings using Monolithic technology
  • reinforce and repair existing Monolithic Domes
  • build custom, disaster-resistant gazebos for your backyard oasis
  • make short work of any general shotcrete project—including swimming pools or custom zoo habitats
  • provide on-site construction management and project supervision
  • send expert crews to spray polyurethane foam for conventional and dome construction projects, including commercial roofing, residential insulation, etc.

Monolithic Dome Airform Manufacturing

Panorama of inflated Airform built by Monolithic Dome Airform Manufacturing.

Panorama of inflated Airform built by Monolithic Dome Airform Manufacturing for Pabco Gypsum near Las Vegas, Nevada. The 215-foot diameter Monolithic Dome will store 50,000 tons of bulk powder gypsum.

South Industries

Monolithic Airform Manufacturing has built hundreds of Monolithic Dome Airforms for domes in all 50 states and dozens of countries—from the Arctic to the tropics.

We combine the most modern patterning, cutting and fabric welding technologies with creative and intelligent design. We find elegant solutions to achieve complex artistic ideas and site requirements. In building more Monolithic Dome Airforms than any other company—and through our testing and research endeavors—we have continually improved the quality of Monolithic Airforms and innovated new methods for their fabrication. An example of this is the new Transverse Airform, developed and perfected here at the Monolithic Research Park in Italy, Texas.

We construct a wide variety of fabric structures.

Methane Digester Cover Built by Monolithic

Monolithic’s Airform Manufacturing constructed this cover for a waste treatment system—a methane digester. This commercial textile product is made of heavy 31-ounce fabric, and custom fitted to existing waste digestion tanks.

We make more than Monolithic Dome Airforms. Our high-tech manufacturing plant also designs, tests and constructs:

Stop in and see us!

The Monolithic Dome Research Park in Italy, Texas

The Monolithic Dome Research and Industrial Park located in Italy, Texas is home to Monolithic Constructors, Inc., Monolithic Dome Airform Manufacturing and the Monolithic Dome Institute.

The Monolithic Research Park, located in Italy, Texas, is home to our construction offices, the Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop facilities, the Airform and textile manufacturing plant and equipment development and manufacturing shops, and the Monolithic Dome Institute’s headquarters and research park. Call today to schedule a tour! (972) 483-7423.