Fall 2022 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop is only 5 weeks away — sign up now to save $500

Preparing the Io-20 pad for the next workshop.

Me and my two kids with Jesse on the power trowel and Hector with a hand trowel preparing the pad for the September workshop.

Mike South

The Fall 2022 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop will be here before you know it. The Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop is the only place where you can get some real hands-on experience from people who have been in the industry for over 30 years! The early-bird discount ends next week so hurry and sign up today.

The best part of workshops is the variety of people that come to them and the combination of training we provide during the course. For instance, we’ll have people interested in the technical aspects of the dome, and they can meet with Gary or me outside while the inside people get some valuable hands-on experience.

Students hanging rebar.

Students from a past workshop learning to hang rebar.

Mike South

In the last workshop, I led the blue team to victory as we finished our rebar placement before the red team. Jesse Tovar (one of our superintendents) said that I cheated because we found an extra scaffolding set, but he was bummed to lose to a former crew chief turned desk jokey.

We’ll be building at least two more Io-20 domes in Dawson, Texas, for the hands-on portion. These perfect-sized domes allow us to see the shell construction from start to finish in the weeks we have.

Fall 2022 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop

Sign up now to get in before the early bird deadline expires next Tuesday, August 16.

Javier Figueroa stands with workshop student in front of dome they are constructing.

Javier Figueroa (front) — wearing his trademark cowboy hard hat — stands with a student in front of the Io-20 under construction at a Monolithic Dome Builder Workshop. Figueroa is one of several instructors with over 30 years of experience in Monolithic Dome construction.

Mike South